Overdyed Rugs

Vintage Anatolian rugs have been cherished and treasured over the years for their exquisite workmanship, bright colors and unique distinctive patterns. However, while many homeowners may love to own one of these splendid creations, the downside is that the vintage look of these rugs often clashes with the homeowners’ existing modern decor. 

Our Rugs at The Chateau Lambousa Hotel

The Chateau Lambousa Hotel in North Cyprus has chosen 4 of our rugs to warm up the lobby and the Hotel Manager's room.


The first rug is laid under the vintage coffee table by the lobby. The claret-red Overdyed vintage rug immediately changed the atmosphere of the lobby; adding warmth and sincerity to the wide area. The chestnut brown Patchwork rug was put in the left most corner of the lobby, facing the beautiful courtyard with the pool. A perfect spot to have a drink while enjoying the view. Finally, the undyed Natural patchwork rug was put by the piano. The turqoise patchwork rug was used in the office behind the lobby. 

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