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About Us

We maintain an average of 3000 vintage rugs in our stock. From these vintage rugs, we shape our over-dyed, antique washed and authentic Turkish village rugs. Modernising and fitting our traditional rugs to the modern world, we ship our rugs to all over the world; ranging from individuals, to designers, from Men's wear store chains to architects. Our rugs decorate shops, homes, hotels. 

We have regular buyers who enjoy our our low prices, efficient logistics and high quality workmanship. So far, we have customers from USA, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Cyprus, Japan, New Zealand, Italy, France, Malta, Denmark, Israel, Norway, Finland, and even Iceland. We love it when our rugs reach the furthest corners of the world. We have had decorated a famous Australian Men'swear companies stores all over Oceania, our over-dyed rugs made it to a boutique hotel in Malibu, California. Our large herringbone design patchwork rugs to a store in Canada, a condo in New York, a summer house in Cyprus. 

We have also weaved Moroccan rugs for our famous TV star customers that we do not want to name right now. We made their rugs to their desires. We value customer satisfaction and we are never happy until our customer is completely happy with their rugs. At our online store, we only use the studio shoots of our rugs which reflect the true colours. Thus we make sure, what you see on our website is what you actually get. 

We have lots of over-dyed rugs in our stock; however we show only a fraction of it at our website. If you find a rug that you love but it is not the right size, simply send us an inquiry and we will quickly find one that suits your needs. If the rug you want is patchwork or a Moroccan rug, we can make it any size that you want. If it is an over-dyed rug with the right colour but wrong size, we can try to find you another one which is close to the size you want. There is always a solution as long as you communicate with us.