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Terms & Conditions


We offer 14 day money back guarantee. You may return your carpet within 2 weeks and claim a refund. The carpet should not be used and should not be damaged to be eligible for a return. You have to re-package the carpet as it was packaged to be sent to you. The customer pays for shipping costs in both directions.


All deliveries are made via FedEx or UPS.

We offer Worldwide Free shipping for orders valued above US$ 249. Please note that you might need to pay duty/customs tax depending on the rules and regulations of your country. Please check with your local authorities for these charges.

All parcels are dispatched from our Istanbul showroom, where we keep a limited number of stock rugs, meaning, 90 % chance that your rug is in our Anatolian warehouse. That means it has to be shipped to Istanbul first, so we can ship it internationally. It may take up to 3 days for the rug to arrive at our Istanbul showroom. Once your rug arrives, our courier comes and picks it up. Usually around 17:00. From then on, delivery to the address you have stated is 3 - 4 days

However; if your order needs to be re-produced; meaning your order is a patchwork rug and it is not in stock, or the size you have requested is not available. In this case, our production unit re-produces the rug for you. This may take up to 7 days, which will delay the shipment for 7-8 days. In the event of this, we will notify you.

UPS Terms and Conditions of Carriage
FedEx Conditions of Carriage


If you need to return a carpet, you first need to contact us. You will need to make sure that the carpet is well packed and arrives in undamaged condition to us. In case of a return, the customer pays for the shipping in both ways.


Overdyed / Colored Carpets

We maintain about 3000 overdyed vintage carpets in our stock. Due to space requirements, 95% of our stock is in our Warehouse in Anatolia. We do not insert all our stock in our website to avoid confusion. However; on our shopping cart system, we display the stock status of the rug. Overdyed rugs are unique and one of a kind; hence their stock status is always 1. However; sometimes we keep a sold rug on our website for display purposes and display its stock status as “pre-order”. This means that if you buy this rug, we will send you a link to an image gallery of available rugs within the same size range and same colors. These rugs will never be exactly the same; but they will be very close. If you are not happy with the available options, you are always given the chance to cancel your order and get a refund at this point.

Patchwork Carpets

Our Standard Patchwork size is 152X254 cm. We seldom keep larger stock patchworks; we produce them by demand. If you order a patchwork rug, most likely that it will not be in stock (unless it is a standard size). In this case we will re-produce the size you want in one week. As its nature, the reproduced rug will never be exactly the same as the one you order; however it will be very close. We will match it to 99%. Due to patterns of the Turkish rugs, an exact match is not possible. Every patchwork rug produced is unique and one of its kind.

Moroccan Carpets

The Beni Ouarain Carpets are woven by request. We seldom keep more than 10 in our stock. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete one carpet.


All our rugs have 2 years of warranty against possible manufacturing defects. This applies to hand-woven Moroccan carpets and hand stitched patchwork carpets. The Overdyed rugs and the Antique Carpets are also covered. Please note that this warranty does not cover any damage caused by miss use or bad handling by the customer. The customer pays for all shipping costs.


All prices in our online shop are based on US$, and are net prices. Meaning you only pay what you see. There are no additional charges for handling or shipping. However, you may need to pay customs for your order once it arrives, depending on the rules and regulations of your country. If you see prices on our website in EUROS, the exchange rates are extracted from internet automatically.


Although it is highly unlikely, if you receive the wrong product, or wrong quantities of the carpets, please contact customer service immediately. It is important that this error is reported in a reasonable time.

Transportation Damages

If the goods are damaged during transportation, and the damage is visible, report directly to the Courier when receiving the packages. If the damage is invisible at the time of delivery, they are to be reported to FedEx/UPS as soon as they are discovered.

Undeliverable Items

It is customers’ responsibility to provide accurate Delivery address. Once available, we provide tracking information. Then it becomes customer’s responsibility to track her/his shipment. In the event that Courier cannot reach the customer after several attempts, and rug gets returned to us, we would charge you the shipping cost, plus US$ 85.00 for administration costs. However, custom produced products will be charged fully.


By placing and order and registering as a customer, your personal details are stored. This information is necessary for deliveries. We assure you that your information will never be shared with third parties; however, if you want you may ask us to delete your personal information once the delivery is completed.


We use cookies to process your shopping cart. This is essential for a smooth online shopping experience.